Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling is a kind of a sport activity where two wrestlers or let us use the word Sumo guys wrestle each other in a well defined ring. The ring is the place inside which these two wrestlers have to fight. The objective of the wrestling match is that one has to force the other outside of the ring. An alternative object is to put the opponent flat on the ground with it’s feet not touching the ground.

Sumo Wrestling has traditionally been a Japanese sport but it was also observed in various parts of the world. Life as a sumo wrestler is different and they all live in sumo shelters with other sumo wrestlers and they have a well defined diet to follow. Everything is planned for them in a way that how they live and eat etc to maintain their healthy body for a good wrestling match. There is a Japan Sumo Association that takes care of these wrestlers.

Many sumo matches last for a few seconds where an easy opponent is quickly thrown out of the ring. They have so much power in their body that it becomes quite easy to throw one out of the ring. It takes two good sumo wrestlers to consistently stay inside the ring and fight for a match to last very long, that too is only a few minutes actually. Nevertheless sometimes none of the two manage to get thrown out of the ring and then the important aspect of wrestling comes into effect. Bring your opponent to the ground without it’s bottom of the legs touching the ground. Don’t forget that there is a ritual that is performed before every match. This has been a tradition for a long time.

Monthly Allowances

Most professional sumo wrestlers are managed by the japan sumo association who also handles their daily activities, food and allowances. A good sumo wrestler can manage to make as much as a thirty thousand dollars a month and this we are talking about many years ago. The salaries must have increased a lot by now. This suggests that to lead a life like that which is not easy but they are paid well for their struggle.

Sumo Wrestling as you can see in the above video is like a Sports Entertainment just like your WWF or WCW in the United States. There are professional matches that are held in Japan and people from across the country and even from other countries come to watch these matches. There are many tournaments that are held throughout the year and these wrestlers have to compulsorily participate in them in order to manage to get their allowances.